How to maintain your timber windows

Here at TJ Ross we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing high performance windows.  All our windows are pre-finished prior to delivery or installation.  We want our windows to last for as long as possible, so in order to do this we dry fit all the ironmongery ie fit all the locks and handles etc. to the bare frame before removing them again in order to apply a high quality preservative manufactured by the Teknos, the market leader in coatings for external joinery, in our own workshop.  The Teknos preservative coating has a high quality of elasticity which means that it works like ‘Goretex’ for wood.  The handles and locks etc. are then re-fitted along with the glazing to ensure that every part of the timber is completely sealed and water tight.

Seal the cills!

We sell windows on a supply only basis to joiners and building contractors.  The main differences here are:

  1. Your joiner will have taken all the measurements, not T J Ross
  2. Your joiner will install the windows not T J Ross

If the measurements taken are accurate, then the window and window cill will be a perfect fit.  But, if for a number of reasons it doesn’t fit – the joiner may need to cut the window cill after it has been made, exposing the timber at the end of the cill allowing water ingress into the timber.

As a result of this, all ‘supply only’ T J Ross windows are delivered with a small pot of micro porous preservative in the colour or stain applied to the window – just in case the cill needs to be cut to fit.

Provided the sealant is applied to the end that has been cut BEFORE installation takes place, then the window will remain watertight and efficient.

Good installation practice avoids future damage and ensures your windows will last and saves you money both in reduced heating bills and window costs.


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