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T J Ross Bespoke Sash and Case Windows and External Door

Originally, we were invited to this charming property to survey and submit our quotation for a replacement bay window which we did and the client gave consideration.  A year or two later we were asked back to submit our quotation for further windows and a set of tall and narrow French Doors.

We installed approximately half of the property with our Sash and Case windows.  A year later we returned to offer our quotation for the remainder of the windows and also carry out some immediate repair works to the two curved dormer windows.  We were also asked to submit our costs for new double glazed replacement windows to the curved fronted dormers.  We then proceeded to manufacture and install the other windows and doors to almost complete the house.

Finally and most recently, we were asked to update the quotation we had offered for the replacement of the two curved Sash and Case windows to the dormers of the house.  Each window had 4 panes over 6 panes.  We cut a template to ensure that it fitted exactly into the existing aperture and tight in behind the existing lead work and slate.  The glazing beads and astragals were also bespoke in shape so they all fitted like a glove to their respective sashes .  This involved us making our slim bar astragals to both inside and outside of the curved double glazed units (which were also made from the templates) and combining with structural vertical astragals to replicate the original windows as closely as possible.

The windows were a two tone finish chosen by our client with a heritage green shade on the outside and a fresh white on the inside.

This process is not uncommon with our clients.  We will return to their homes three or four times fitting replacement Sash and Case windows as their finances allow or how they undertake their renovation works.  In several instances we will fit windows to the same house for two or even three different clients as the property is sold on to a new owner.

We never change the profile of our moulds to sashes and astragals and our process of manufacture does not differ either.  Any new technology that we are able to embrace and include in our window must allow us to continue to make the window in our tried and tested traditional manner.

We are always keen to research and develop traditionally used moulds, the most recent mould to be added to our range is our “Lamb’s Tongue” profile which has been granted approval for use in a Grade A Listed Building in the Centre of Edinburgh and we are now working towards introducing a profile used a considerable amount in the New Town area of Edinburgh.

lamb's tongue profile

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