Beautiful cottage extension

T J Ross (Joiners) Ltd and their sister construction company MMR Ltd were given the following brief from their clients’…

“Now that our children have flown the nest, we want to make some alterations to our large cottage in East Fife to ensure it better suited to our new more relaxed lifestyle.  These alterations include a new porch to the front of the house, a conservatory with “lots of glass” at the back of the house plus a few other internal modifications.”

T J Ross – ideas factory!

Given the location, age of the property and mindful of the need to lessen the impact of any extension, Martin suggested a large substantial porch with a slate finished roof and timber lined external walls, as this would ensure that it blended in with the current look of the cottage (see initial rough sketches below),

MX-2700N_20140520_111736_2_i        MX-2700N_20140520_111600i

and act like a zone between the inside and the outside. Not only would this look better, this design would mean that it would be big enough to have an internal seat and storage space under the seat.  Here is the new porch.


How about a Garden Room…?

Whilst discussing the conservatory, the couple and Martin took a stroll around their beautiful back garden. Given the age of their property (circa late 1800’s), Martin again felt that a more substantial looking Garden Room with a slated/tiled roof and wide bi-fold doors and shaped screen over, would fulfil the requirement for ‘plenty of glass’, and be much more in-keeping with the look and feel of the property (see initial rough sketches below) better than a conservatory.


Creating a full width opening through the existing stone wall would allow the existing kitchen to blend into the new Garden Room – without it being an obvious extension.

This type of open plan extension would keep levels close to each other, allowing decking to be used as the transformation medium.  This means that the garden would ‘flow’ into the house as well as the house flow out into the garden. Martin also suggested that if they chose a more ‘substantial’ extension they could also add a wood burning stove into this area thus creating a lovely space to enjoy a lazy afternoon reading a book during the cold and frosty weather, as well as bringing the garden into the house during the summer.  Needless to say the clients are very happy!