T J Ross ‘Slimbar’ Astragal System

Stevenson (6)

Our Sash and Case Window

Years of research and development of our Lamb’s Tongue and Ogee profile have resulted in our ‘Slimbar’ Astragal System being approved by Local Authorities in 2016 including;

Edinburgh ~ Grade A Listed Buildings

Lamb’s Tongue Profile/Sash & Case Windows

Lamb's Tongue (1)

T J Ross Lamb’s Tongue Astragal Detail

Fife & Edinburgh ~ Grade B Listed Buildings

Ogee Profile/Casement Windows & Doors



Fife ~ Grade C Listed Building

Ogee Profile/Sash & Case Windows


Fife ~ Conservation Area Home

Ogee Profile/Sash & Case Windows

Ogee (2)

T J Ross Ogee Astragal Detail

And the introduction of our ‘New Town’ profile.

Because we specialise in manufacturing traditional Sash & Case windows and period style doors, advice on planning permission for homes within Conservation Areas or Listed Buildings Grades A, B and C comes as part of the service we offer to our clients and we can introduce you to the architects and planning consultants we know and trust.

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T J Ross News

It is rewarding to know that we here at T J Ross have achieved approval of our ‘Lamb’s Tongue’ profiled slim bar astragal Sash and Case windows to be fitted to a Grade A Listed Building in Manor Place, Edinburgh.

Manor Place

It is exciting times as we are also in discussion with Edinburgh City Planning along with the clients’ Planning Consultant whilst they consider our slim bar system for another profile of astragal, for approval in another Listed Building in the New Town.

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time on research and development of this addition to our already widely used ‘ogee’ profile slim bar astragal (which, also received approval for installation in a Grade B Listed Building in Edinburgh.

We have achieved an overall width of 17mm for our Lamb’s Tongue astragal which is found frequently in existing single glazed sash and case windows in Listed Buildings and buildings within Conservation Areas.

Our next challenge is to reduce the overall width of our ‘Ogee’ profile slim bar astragal from 20mm to the same as our ‘Lamb’s Tongue’ which is 17mm wide.

Unlike the single glazed windows our astragals do not require the paint finish to be applied to the first 2mm to 3mm of the glass adjacent to the putty, which was/is required to help retain the linseed oil within the putty and effectively make the timber astragal width of 17mm actually have a ‘daylight’ width of 21mm and 23mm.

If the painters of the past have kept the over painting on the glass to 2mm to 3mm, invariably the overall ‘daylight’ width has been increased (in many cases) to 28mm to 30mm wide, losing the elegance of the thin astragal that the workshop joiner worked so hard to achieve when he made the original window.

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